About NNii

Samuel L. Katz, MD

Professor and Chairman Emeritus of Pediatrics, Duke University (Co-Chair)

Dr. Samuel Katz is the Co-Chair of the National Network for Immunization Information, and one of the pioneers in the prevention of infectious disease.

In collaboration with Nobel Prize winner Dr. John Enders, Dr. Katz created the measles vaccine, which has saved tens of millions of lives around the world. Dr. Katz also brings his broad knowledge of vaccinology and virology, as well as personal experience with smallpox in Nigeria, to discussions on smallpox, smallpox vaccine, and bioterrorism.

Dr. Katz served as Chairman of Pediatrics at Duke University for 22 years, and currently is the Wilburt C. Davison Professor of Pediatrics at the University. He is one of the editors of the textbook, Infectious Diseases of Children, which is now in its eleventh edition and used around the world as a standard text on the subject.

Dr. Katz was a member and chair of the USPHS Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices {ACIP} for 11 years. He co-chaired the India-US Vaccine Action Program and currently is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul Korea. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College and a cum laude graduate of Harvard Medical School.