Immunization Science


NNii provides up-to-date information on immunization science. This section contains synopses of articles from the scientific, peer-reviewed literature related to vaccines and immunization. Each synopsis includes a comment from NNii intended to guide readers on the strengths, weaknesses and implications of the study.

Recent Articles

Influenza Vaccine During Pregnancy and Infant Hospitalizations

This matched control study assessed whether influenza vaccination of pregnant women decreased hospitalization among their newborns.

Filed under: Influenza Vaccines | Updated: Enero 4, 2011 | Read full article...

Thimerosal Exposure and Risk of Autism

This large case-control study looked at the relationships between thimerosal-containing injections—either before birth or during infancy—with the development of autism.

Filed under: Mercury in Vaccines | Updated: Septiembre 17, 2010 | Read full article...

Impact of Rotavirus Vaccine in Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations

This study describes the reduction in acute gastroenteritis hospitalizations among children after introduction of rotavirus vaccine in the United States.

Filed under: Rotavirus Vaccines | Updated: Junio 3, 2010 | Read full article...

Measles Transmission in Immunized Communities

This study shows that clusters of unvaccinated individuals can lead to sustained measles virus transmission within a community, even if the community at large has a high immunization rate.

Filed under: Measles-Containing Vaccines | Updated: Noviembre 25, 2009 | Read full article...

Measles, Mumps Vaccination and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in one or both ears is a well known complication of measles, mumps and meningitis. Could live virus vaccines for measles and mumps cause hearing loss?

Filed under: Measles-Containing Vaccines | Updated: Junio 3, 2009 | Read full article...