About NNii

NNii Staff

All the information and all the content in the NNii Web site undergoes a formal peer review process. The topical essays, reviews of the literature and other materials are developed by NNii’s staff. Every article is reviewed by two or more expert reviewers to assure accuracy and clarity—NNii’s panel of reviewers includes over 60 scientists, all leaders in vaccine research and immunization policy. A panel of lay reviewers is sometimes used to assure clarity of technical topics.

NNii staff adds new content to the Web site every week and updates individual articles as needed.

NNii’s staff members that develop this Web site’s content are:

  • Martin G. Myers, MD
    Dr. Martin Myers is NNii’s Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief. He also has an appointment at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) as the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development’s (SCVD) Associate Director for Public Health Policy and Education.
  • Diego Pineda, MS
    Diego Pineda is NNii’s bilingual (English-Spanish) science writer and webmaster. He holds a masters degree in science and technology journalism from Texas A&M University.

Most articles on the NNii Web site and print publications are authored by Dr. Myers and Mr. Pineda. Proceeds from all publications go directly to Immunizations for Public Health for the benefit of NNii; the authors receive no income from their publications.