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NNii provides science-based printed materials about vaccines and immunizations. Our list of publications is continuously growing so please come back to the NNii bookstore.

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Do Vaccines Cause That?! A Guide for Evaluating Vaccine Safety Concerns

Get straight, science-based answers to this and other questions about the safety of vaccines.

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Are Vaccines Safe?

Are Vaccines Safe? Evaluating Information About Immunizations on the Internet

Price: $25 for 100 brochures

This is the improved and expanded version of NNii’s guide Evaluating Information on the Web. This trifold brochure provides tips on how to find reliable information on the Internet about vaccines and how to evaluate the accuracy and validity of this type of information.

Health professionals may use this booklet as a patient hand-out and parents may use it as a tool to evaluate health information they may find on the Internet.

NNii Brochure

NNii Brochure

Price: $2.00 for pack of 100

This full-color brochure describes NNii’s mission and NNii’s Web site features—a perfect way to tell others about


Article Reprints

NNii offers high-quality reprints for articles from its Web site.

Electronic Format
For $20 per article, you can purchase an electronic version of articles in PDF format to print on your own printer. This is a great option for health professionals who want to hand out vaccine-related information to their patients. Click here for a list of articles available.

High-Quality Print Format
You can also purchase large quantities (100 minimum) of articles to distribute to your audience. The reprints are printed in white matte 80# stock paper. Click here for rates.