Updated: Mayo 12, 2014

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Vaccine Requirements for the State of Oklahoma

Vaccine requirements may be relaxed or eliminated in some regions and/or states due to shortages in the manufacture of some vaccines. Please contact your healthcare provider, or your local public health department for more information.

Vaccine Age/Grade Comments
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP) Day Care, Head Start, K-12 Day Care, Head Start-  4 doses, age appropriate.

K-6th: 5 doses of DTP/DTaP unless 4th dose given after age 4 years.

7-10th: 5 doses of DTP/DTaP & 1 dose of Tdap.

11-12th: 5 doses of DTP/DTaP.

Hepatitis A Kindergarten, Seventh Grade Day Care, Head Start, K-12th: 2 doses with 1st dose on or after the 2nd birthday and 2nd dose 6-18 months later
Hepatitis B Kindergarten, Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade Day Care, Head Start: 3 doses.

K-12: 3 doses. If an adolescent reaches age 11 years and has not started th e HepB vaccine series, he or she may receive a 2-dose series of Merck® Adult Hepatitis B vaccine instead of the 3-do s series of pediatric HepB. However, the series must be completed before the 16th birthday or the adolescent must receive a total of 3 doses of HepB vaccine.

Hib Day Care, Head Start Day Care, Head Start- Required for ages 1-4, Age appropriate  
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Day Care, Head Start, K-12 Day Care, Head Start, K-12 - 1 dose after 1st birthday, 1st dose required for DC, HS; K-12: 2 doses age appropriate

K-12th: 2 doses

Meningococcal None/No Requirements None/No Requirements. MCV4 recommended for ages 11-12 and a booster at 16 years of age.
Pneumococcal None/No Requirements None/No Requirements
Polio Day Care, Head Start, K-12 Day Care, Head Start- 3 doses, age appropriate

K-12-  4 doses unless 3rd dose after 4th birthday than 3 doses only.

Varicella Day Care, Kindergarten Day Care, Head Start, K-12th: 1 dose required. 2nd dose is recommended (but not required for school entry) at age 4-6 or any age if missed.