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Vaccine Safety: Dealing with Uncertainty

October 11, 2007

The following presentations were delivered at the 2007 annual conference of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) in Atlatnta, GA. The session, titled ‘Vaccine Safety: Delaing with Uncertainty’ included three presentations by Martin G. Myers, MD, Walter A. Orenstein, MD, and Diego Pineda, MS. The presentations describe how public health decisions are made in the absence of scientific information. Using the examples of the vaccine safety concerns surrounding the first rotavirus vaccine, Rotashield, and the preservative thimerosal, panelists explored the difficulty of communicating uncertainty, the need for making public health policy, and the potential benefits and risks of health policy decisions. Slides may be downloded and used free of charge.

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  • Missing Information About Vaccine Safety
    by Martin G. Myers, MD, NNii Executive Director
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    (PowerPoint, 647k)
  • A Tale of Two Vaccine Safety Concerns: Rotashield (Original Rotavirus Vaccine) and Thimerosal
    Walter A. Orenstein, MD, Director, Emory Vaccine Policy and Development
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  • Communicating Public Health Policy During Periods of Uncertainty About Vaccine Safety
    by Diego Pineda, MS, NNii Science Writer
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National Immunization Survey 2005

July 27, 2005

This is a presentation that Steve Cochi, MD, acting director, NIP/CDC provided for the National Immunization Awareness Month press briefing held at the National Press Club on July 26, 2005. The slides describe immunization coverage in the US as of 2004 as well as emphasizing the importance of vaccines and the challenges of mantaining high immunization rates. The slides are of public domain; they can be downloded and used free of charge.

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Communicating With Patients About Immunization: How it Was Developed and How it Can Help You

January 27, 2003

This presentation was developed by NNii Steering Committee members as well as other leading immunization experts who wish to inform healthcare professionals about NNii’s resource kit. Slides may be downloaded and used in public free of charge.

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The Behaviors of Nurses Who Immunize Children

August 18, 2002

This presentation was developed by Tom Stenvig, NNii Steering Committee member. It describes a study of nurses’ behavior related to immunizing children. Permission is granted to download the slides for public use free of charge provided it is acknowledged that Dr. Stenvig is the creator of the slides and holds copyright to the related research findings.

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Immunization: Have We Become Victims of Our Own Success?

August 18, 2002

This presentation was developed by Dr. Bruce Gellin. The slides explore how patient perception of immunization risk has been shaped, and how dialogue about immunization can be improved. Slides may be downloaded and used in public free of charge.