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Exposure Parties


Chickenpox Parties

Before vaccine became available, “chickenpox parties” were considered a way to get a child protected from serious chickenpox at an age when the infection is ordinarily less severe. What are the risks of chickenpox parties?

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Fiestas de Varicela

Antes de que las vacunas estuvieran disponibles, “las fiestas de varicela” eran consideradas como un camino para proteger al niño de una varicela grave a una edad cuando la infección es ordinariamente menos severa. ¿Cuáles son los riesgos de las fiestas de varicela?

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Measles Parties

Measles parties were common during the fifties and sixties. However, in the past few years, these parties have been in vogue again, mainly in the United Kingdom. What are the risks of measles parties?

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Rubella Parties

Some people expose their children to rubella in gatherings with other children that they believe have rubella as a way to protect their daughters before their childbearing years. What are the risks of rubella parties?

Updated: Abril 14, 2004 | Read full article...

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