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This article explains why aluminum salts are frequently included in vaccines and discusses their safety.

Misinformation about vaccines and vaccine safety create confusion for parents who are considering immunizations for their children. This article outlines how to recognize misinformation about vaccines.

Este artículo provee consejos para encontrar información confiable en Internet acerca de las vacunas y le muestra cómo evaluar la exactitud y validez de esa información.

Currently, all 50 US states have school immunization laws. In this article we describe the differences between indications, recommendations and mandates plus why each state has different exemptions.

Some vaccines are grown in cell cultures that were originally obtained from human fetuses. In addition, the rubella virus used to make rubella vaccine was isolated from a human fetus. This article describes the origins of these vaccines and the reasons why these vaccines should be used.

The development of vaccine schedules and recommendations is a complex process. Here we answer some of the most common questions regarding indications, recommendations and laws for vaccine use.

Although many medications, including some vaccines, are avoided during pregnancy because of potential harm to the mother or fetus, some vaccines are recommended for pregnant women.