Updated: April 21, 2005

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Vaccine Requirements for the State of Wisconsin

Vaccine requirements may be relaxed or eliminated in some regions and/or states due to shortages in the manufacture of some vaccines. Please contact your healthcare provider, or your local public health department for more information.

Vaccine Age/Grade Comments
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP) K-12 Pre-K (2-4 years):  4 doses. K-12:  4 doses.

DTP/DTaP/DT/Td vaccine for students entering grades 1 through 12: Four doses are required. However, if your child received the 3rd dose after the 4th birthday, further doses are not required. (Note: a dose 4 days or less before the 4th birthday is also acceptable).

Hepatitis A None/No Requirements None/No Requirements
Hepatitis B Kindergarten, First Grade, Seventh Grade, Eighth Grade Pre-K (2-4 years): 3 doses required. K-12: 3 doses.
Hib None/No Requirements None/No requirements
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Day Care, Head Start, K-12 Day Care, Head Start, K-12- 2-4 years: 1 dose after 1st birthday. K-12: 2 doses

K-12- 2nd dose of MMR required prior to entry

Meningococcal None/No Requirements None/No Requirements
Pneumococcal None/No Requirements None/No Requirements
Polio Day Care, Head Start, K-12 Pre-K (2-4 years): 3 doses required.

K-12-  4 doses unless 3rd dose after 4th birthday, then 3 doses

Varicella K-12 Required for school entry according to the following schedule:

2004-2005: Pre-K and K-8 (One dose)

2005-2006: Pre-K and K-12 (One dose)

Students 13 years of age or older without a prior history of chickenpox disease or a prior history of varicella vaccine before 13 years of age require 2 doses of varicella vaccine.