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Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine


Are two doses of varicella vaccine more effective?

A new study showed that children who received two injections of chickenpox vaccine were three times at less risk of developing varicella during the 10-year observation period than those who received one injection.

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Chickenpox and life-threatening infections

Children with chickenpox are more likely to have invasive group A streptococcal (IGAS) infections, which can be fatal. A new study suggests that the chickenpox vaccine has reduced the number of IGAS hospitalizations.

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Chickenpox Immunization and Hospitalization Rates

This study shows that hospitalizations for chickenpox and its complications in the United States have declined significantly as have hospitals costs since the introduction of chickenpox vaccine in 1996.

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Contagiousness of Chickenpox in Vaccinated Cases

Persons vaccinated against chickenpox could contract a mild form of the disease if exposed to it, which is known as breakthrough varicella. This study looked at how contagious  these breakthrough varicella cases are.

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Decline in Chickenpox Deaths

This study shows that the decline in the number of deaths due to chickenpox coincided with the increased use of chickenpox vaccine in the United States.

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Effectiveness Over Time of Varicella Vaccine

How effective is varicella (chickenpox) vaccine over time?  Researchers have found that although the vaccine’s effectiveness to protect against all chickenpox symptoms decreases after the first year, it is still protective after 8 years.

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How effective is varicella vaccine?

A new study shows that varicella (chickenpox) vaccine was effective in preventing disease in a large population of students in Oregon. However, long time since vaccination increased the risk of breakthrough varicella.

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Impact of a Varicella Vaccination Program

A chickenpox vaccination program implemented in 1995 at the Kaiser Permanente Northwest (KPNW) HMO in Portland, Oregon, significantly reduced the incidence of chickenpox among all children attending the clinic.

Updated: Mayo 12, 2004 | Read full article...

Policy Implications of Breakthrough Chickenpox

This study investigated a chickenpox outbreak that occurred in a Minnesota elementary school where many children were vaccinated.

Updated: Septiembre 15, 2004 | Read full article...

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