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Varicella: Alabama

Entry last updated: July 28, 2005

State Contact Information

Alabama Department of Public Health
RSA Tower
PO Box 303017
Montgomery, 36130
Phone: (800) 469-4599
Fax: (800) 706-8507

Vaccine requirements may be relaxed or eliminated in some regions and/or states due to shortages in the manufacture of some vaccines. Please contact your healthcare provider, or your local public health department for more information.




Varicella Day Care;Head Start;Kindergarten;First Grade;Second Grade;Third Grade;Fourth Grade Day Care, Head Start, K-1 - DC, HS: Age appropriate (means that the number of doses of a vaccine a child should have received is dependent upon the child's age, and this defined by CDC at 

For 2005, attendees of 5-year old K to 4th grade must have documentation of varicella vaccine. Documented history of the disease is accepted in lieu of vaccination. This requirement will increase by one grade cohort until Fall 2013, when varicella documentation will be required for all children, kindergarten through 12th grade

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