HCW Attitudes Predicted Influenza Vaccine Uptake

Source: Infectious Disease News

By: Corace, K.


A study of 3,275 health care workers (HCWs), reported in the American Journal of Infection Control, reveals that uptake of influenza vaccine can be increased by targeting their attitudes and perceptions toward influenza vaccines and by promoting vaccination in the workplace. “Key modifiable attitudes and beliefs driving vaccine uptake included the following: desire to protect family members and patients from pH1N1, the belief that vaccination is important even if one is in good health, confidence in vaccine safety, and supervisor and physician encouragement,” say researchers. “[HCW] pH1N1 vaccine uptake was also motivated by fear and inhibited by misperceptions regarding vaccine safety and the belief of allergy to vaccine components.” They determined that even after adjusting for demographics, vaccine history, and influenza risk factors, HCWs’ attitudes and beliefs predicted vaccination.

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