Vaccine Misinformation


Characteristics of Anti-vaccination Web Sites

Many people in the United States look for health information on the internet. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation online. This study describes the content and design characteristics of anti-vaccination web sites.

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Demographics of Unvaccinated Children

Three children per thousand in the United States have never received any vaccines. This study shows that the characteristics of unvaccinated children and how they differ from undervaccinated children.

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Misinformation Can Cause Disease Outbreaks

In several countries, publicity about safety concerns with the whooping cough vaccine led to the rise of anti-vaccine movements. This study shows how the activities of these movements led to whooping cough epidemics.

Updated: Julio 13, 2005 | Read full article...

Vaccine Safety Concerns and Immunization Status

Concerns about vaccine safety have increased, largely fueled by misinformation. This study analyzed vaccine safety-related attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of parents whose children are not fully immunized.

Updated: Junio 3, 2008 | Read full article...

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