Reaching Children Never Previously Vaccinated for Influenza Through a School-Located Vaccination Program

Source: American Journal of Public Health | Vol:Vol. 104 | Page: 45

By: Kansagra, Susan M. ; Papadouka, Vikki ; Geevarughese, Anita


Research shows that a school-located vaccination (SLV) program may help to reach children who had never before received influenza immunization, and it should be considered when delivering flu vaccine in routine and emergency situations. Investigators examined an SLV program implemented in 2009 in New York City to deliver pandemic influenza A (H1N1) monovalent vaccine (pH1N1). The researchers compared the SLV program to provider offices in reaching children who had never previously received an influenza vaccine. A total of 96,524 children received pH1N1 vaccine in schools, and 102,933 children received pH1N1 vaccine in provider offices. Among children vaccinated in schools, 34 percent had not received previous seasonal influenza vaccination, compared with only 10 percent of those vaccinated at provider offices. Children vaccinated in schools also were more likely to have received a second dose of pH1N1 vaccine in 2009-2010 than those vaccinated in provider offices.

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