The Architecture of Provider-Parent Vaccine Discussions at Health Supervision Visits

Source: Pediatrics

By: Opel, Douglas J. ; Heritage, John ; Taylor, James A.


Researchers analyzed 111 provider-parent vaccine discussions involving 16 providers from nine practices, half of which involved vaccine-hesitant parents (VHPs). They found that 74 percent of providers used presumptive formats instead of participatory formats to initiate vaccine recommendations. This means providers generally said something like, “Well, we have to do some shots,” instead of asking, “What do you want to do about shots?” VHPs accounted for most of the 41 percent of parents who showed resistance to provider initiation. Researchers found that parents were more likely to resist vaccine recommendations when providers used a participatory initiation format. Half of the providers pushed their original recommendation when parents resisted, and 47 percent of parents then accepted the provider’s recommendation. The researchers concluded that parental vaccine acceptance is affected by how vaccine recommendations are initiated and pursued by providers.

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