Many Oklahoma Parents Shunning Vaccinations, Pediatrics Expert Warns

Source: Tulsa World

By: Muchmore, Shannon


A growing number of parents in Oklahoma are seeking exemptions to vaccines because of religious beliefs and philosophy, according Dr. Paul Darden, section chief of general and community pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He disclosed his findings and discussed the problem at a lecture sponsored by the Tulsa Area Immunization Coalition at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. According to him, parents may not immunize their children because they think it is not recommended, not necessary, or because they lack knowledge on the subject. Healthcare providers sometimes do not know how best to discuss vaccinations with patients. Darden pointed out that education about vaccines is necessary and useful, but education alone cannot persuade people to have their children vaccinated. A more effective route is when healthcare providers recommend vaccines to patients. Providers should describe how they acquired their knowledge, explain the science behind the vaccines, and advise a course of action.

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