Interventions to Improve Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates Among Community-Dwelling Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Source: Annals of Family Medicine | Vol:Vol. 10 | Page: 538

By: Lau, Darren ; Hu, Jia ; Majumdar, Sumit R.


Researchers led by Darren Lau of the University of Alberta Department of Public Health Sciences conducted a systematic review of quality improvement interventions intended to boost influenza and pneuomococcal vaccination rates among community-dwelling adults to determine whether these interventions can help meet national immunization targets. For the influenza vaccine, they determined that the most effective interventions involved patient financial incentives, audit and feedback, clinician reminders, clinician financial incentives, team change, patient outreach, and delivery site changes. For the pneumococcal vaccine, interventions involving clinician education and case management were deemed the most effective. The researchers concluded that interventions that task non-physician personnel with vaccination responsibilities or involve patient outreach with personal contact could help improve immunization rates among community-dwelling adults.

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