Meningitis Vaccine Shortage Hitting Health Departments, Local Clinics

Source: NewsWest 9 (Texas)

By: Ruiz, Anayeli


A new law requires college students in Texas to be vaccinated against meningitis 10 days before the spring semester begins. However, a shortage of the adult version of the vaccine in some local health departments and clinics is causing problems. “Because there is a new requirement, we have not been able to keep it in stock,” Becky Gates, nursing supervisor for the Midland Health Department, said. One of the reasons for the shortage is the low cost—the cost at the health department is about $10, compared to about $130 in some other locations. Gates noted, “The problem is the adult vaccine. We have vaccines available for children through age 18 but for the 19 and above is what we don’t have.” The Midland Health Department expects to receive another shipment of vaccines by the week’s end.