1 in 10 Parents Skipping or Delaying Shots, Survey Shows

Source: Washington Post | Page: A2


An online survey of 750 parents of children age six years and under, conducted by pediatrician and University of Michigan researcher Amanda Dempsey, reveals that more than 10 percent of parents skip or delay some recommended vaccinations for their children due to concerns about safety. About 20 percent of parents whose children are fully vaccinated do not believe the recommended vaccination schedule is as safe as postponing some vaccines. The U.S. government recommends that children receive about 24 doses of vaccines against 14 diseases by the time they are six years old. However, the study, published online in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that more than 2 million infants and young children may not be fully vaccinated, which Dempsey attributes in part to erroneous and sensationalized media reports about vaccine safety. A 2010 federal survey indicates similar results, with 10 percent or more of toddlers and preschoolers behind in recommended vaccinations.