Alberta to Open New Measles Vaccination Clinics to Halt Disease's Spread

Source: Globe and Mail

By: Maki, Allan


Health officials in Alberta, Canada, will open a drop-in measles vaccination clinic in the town of Lacombe on Thursday and another in Two Hills on Friday. The move is an attempt to stop the spread of measles in the southern section of the province. Nearly one case has been diagnosed per day since late October. There are towns and counties in Southern Alberta with immunization rates as low as 50 percent. Low immunization rates enabled a measles outbreak in Coaldale. Two Hills County has a 68 percent immunization rate, but the 84 percent rate for Lacombe County is on par with Edmonton and Calgary, which have remained free of measles. “We looked at the low immunization rates and travel patterns to the south zone,” said Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer for the Alberta Central Zone. Provincial health officials have confirmed 28 measles cases in southern Alberta.

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