Mayo Clinic Discovers Why Some Don't Respond to Rubella Vaccine

Source: Mayo Clinic


New research has uncovered a reason why some people do not respond to the rubella vaccine. Mayo Clinic researchers, who report their findings in PLOS ONE, used advanced genetic sequencing technology and analysis and found 27 genes that respond in different ways to the standard rubella vaccine. Out of a random sample of more than 700 healthy children and young adults who had received two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, 25 participants were selected as either high or low responders. The researchers sequenced these participants’ messenger RNA, which provided transcriptional data for gene expression analysis. “This study highlighted the genes potentially responsible for poor response to the rubella vaccine,” says the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Gregory Poland. “We found differences in genes responsible for antigen interactions, inflammation and differences in the gene pathways involved between low and high vaccine responders.”

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