State Health Officials Continue Investigation and Control of Statewide Measles Outbreak

Source: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services


Health officials in North Carolina are investigating 19 cases of measles in Stokes, Orange, and Polk counties as part of an outbreak that was first reported in mid-April. Most of the cases involve people who live in or have visited the Prabhupada Village in Stokes County. “Most of the persons who became infected with measles were individuals both inside and outside this community who were not vaccinated,” said Scott Lenhart, Stokes County health director. “This is an important reminder that anyone who has not been protected by immunization is highly susceptible to measles.” The state Department of Health and Human Services is encouraging vaccination for all individuals 12 months of age and older. Public health officials recommend immunization within 72 hours of exposure for the unvaccinated.

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