Measles: 'Alarming Rate' of South West Wales Epidemic

Source: BBC News


An outbreak of measles has health officials in Wales warning parents to ensure their children have received the MMR vaccine. Cases have been reported across Wales, and the outbreak has shown no signs of fading. In the last week alone, there were 116 cases diagnosed and 51 people were hospitalized, according to Public Health Wales (PHW). There have been a total of 432 cases, and PHW says the outbreak has not peaked. PHW says if cases continue to rise at the same rate, there could be about 1,000 by the end of April. “Worryingly there are still tens of thousands of susceptible children across Wales, yet our weekly monitoring of vaccination rates shows only a slight increase in numbers receiving MMR jabs,” says Dr. Marion Lyons, director of health protection for PHW. “If the numbers of parents bringing their children for MMR jabs does not dramatically increase, measles will continue to spread and quickly reach levels last seen in the outbreak in Dublin in 1999-2000.”

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