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Responses to Media Stories
In addition to its commitment to provide the media with accurate and current information on immunizations, NNii also monitors media coverage of immunization issues. Spokespersons are then able to respond to the media both when scientific information is presented accurately and when it it not. Below are a few of the recent media responses from NNii spokespersons.

Response to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
[April 03, 2001]

Response to Newsweek
[March 06, 2001]

Response to Dr. Loraine Stern | Woman's Day Magazine
[March 02, 2001]

Response to The Los Angeles Times
[February 26, 2001]

Response to Ms. Jane Brody | The New York Times
[October 06, 2000]

Response To Redbook
[August 24, 2000]

Response to Redbook - Attachment
[August 24, 2000]

Response to Newsweek
[July 31, 2000]

Response to Parents Magazine
[February 10, 2000]

Response to Peter Jennings | World News Tonight
[October 05, 1998]

Response to Ms. Meredith White | ABC 20/20
[August 14, 1998]

Response to Ms. Sylvia Chase | ABC 20/20
[August 14, 1998]

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