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General Questions on Immunizations
Ever wonder how vaccines work? What they contain? If they are safe? This list of questions links to straightforward answers from the NNii resource kit — Communicating with Patients about Immunization.

Vaccine Effectiveness
  • How do we know that vaccines work?
  • Is it better to be naturally infected rather than vaccinated?
  • Because of better hygiene and sanitation, hadn't diseases already begun to disappear before vaccines were introduced?
  • During an outbreak, aren't the majority of people who catch a disease those who have been vaccinated?
  • If vaccine-preventable diseases have been virtually eliminated from the United States, why do American children need to be vaccinated?
Vaccine Safety
  • Are vaccines safe?
  • What does the FDA do to ensure that vaccines are safe?
  • How are vaccines tested?
  • How is the safety of vaccines monitored?
Adverse Events that Follow Vaccination
  • What is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)?
  • What is the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Project?
  • Are there "hot lots" of vaccines that have been associated with more adverse events than others?
  • Are some people more susceptible to adverse reactions than other people?
  • If one person in a family has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, will other members of the family also have the same reaction?
  • Can vaccines cause permanent adverse events, such as long-lasting impairment, or death?
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  • If a person may have been harmed by a vaccine, what does the federal government do about it?
Vaccine Ingredients
  • What is a vaccine made of? Are any of the ingredients in vaccines harmful?
  • Are vaccines made from animal tissue safe? Can they transmit infectious agents to people?
Vaccine Research and Development
  • Who sponsors the research and development of a new vaccine?
  • Is enough research conducted before vaccines are licensed by the Food and Drug Administration?
  • Does the research process end when a vaccine is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration?
  • Do any of the people who serve on federal advisory committees receive research support from pharmaceutical companies?
Vaccine Recommendation Policies
  • Who decides which vaccines should be routinely recommended for children and adults?
School Immunization Laws
  • Why does the government require that certain vaccines be given to children?
  • Are there legal consequences for parents if they choose not to vaccinate their children?

State Vaccine Requirements
Click here to go to the state requirements database.

Immunization Doses and Schedules
  • Who decides which vaccines children should receive?
  • Are infants too young to get vaccinated?
  • Does giving a child multiple vaccines for different diseases at the same time increase the risk of harmful side effects?
  • Is it okay for parents to decide not to give their children certain vaccines?
  • To reduce the chance of side effects, is it acceptable for a child to receive a half dose of a vaccine?
Vaccine Registries
  • What are vaccine registries?
  • Some states are creating vaccine registries. Why is this necessary?
The Immune System and Vaccines
  • How do vaccines work?
  • Do vaccines "use up" or overload the immune system in infants or children?
  • Do vaccines weaken the immune system?
Alternatives to Vaccines
  • Doesn't breastfeeding offer babies natural protection?
  • Are there natural remedies (e.g., herbs, vitamins) or approaches (e.g., homeopathy) that can be used in lieu of manufactured vaccines?
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