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Here are several links to help you find the latest information on public policy regarding immunizations.


Infectious Diseases Society of America Policy & Advocacy Page

American Academy of Pediatrics Advocacy Page

American Nurses Association Legislative Branch Page

NAPNAP Legislative Action Center

ACOG Legislative Action Center


"Victim of Our Own Success: Will Immunization Remain the Paradigm of Effective Prevention? Issue Brief Report based on Grantmakers in Health Roundatable, Washington DC. (PDF File)

JAMA Vol. 284 No. 24, "Individual and Community Risks of Measles and Pertussis Associated With Personal Exemptions to Immunization" by Daniel R. Feikin, MD, MSPH, et al. December 27, 2000

JAMA Vol. 284 No. 24, "State Mandates and Childhood Immunization", an editorial by Kathryn M. Edwards, MD. December 27, 2000

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