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Immunization Science

NNii provides up-to-date information on immunization science. This section contains synopses of articles from the scientific, peer-reviewed literature related to vaccines and immunization. Each synopsis includes a comment from NNii intended to guide readers on the strengths, weaknesses and implications of the study.


Asthma and Vaccines (3 Articles)

  • Influenza Vaccine and Asthma

    Influenza vaccine is recommended for children with asthma. This study, however, found no evidence that influenza vaccination reduced the total number of asthma exacerbations or pneumonia in the following year.
  • Vaccines and Asthma Among Full-Term Infants

    This study shows that vaccinations given in the first 18 months of life are not associated with childhood asthma among full-term infants.
  • Childhood Vaccinations and Risk of Asthma

    It has been suggested that childhood vaccinations increase children’s risk of developing asthma. This study found no association between childhood asthma and DTP, MMR and oral polio vaccines.
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