Statewide Pandemic Influenza Vaccination Reminders for Children With Chronic Conditions

Source: American Journal of Public Health | Vol:Vol. 104 | Page: 39

By: Dombkowski, Kevin J. ; Cowan, Anne E. ; Potter, Rachel C.


Parents are more likely to have their children vaccinated against influenza if they receive mid-season reminders, according to a study that evaluated the use of an immunization information system (IIS) to target flu vaccine reminders to high-risk children enrolled in Medicaid during a pandemic. The researchers used an IIS in Michigan to identify 202,133 high-risk children, ages six months to 18 years, who had no record of pH1N1 vaccination and who were currently or previously enrolled in Medicaid. Reminders were mailed on Dec. 7, 2009. Of 148,617 eligible children, vaccination rates were higher among the 142,383 children who received reminders compared to the 6,234 children with undeliverable reminders and the 142,383 control children who did not receive reminders. Based on their results, the investigators suggest that future initiatives consider strategies to expand targeting of high-risk groups and improve IIS reporting during pandemics.

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