Three-Fold Rise in Mumps Cases [in France]

Source: Connexion


A new report indicates that the number of mumps cases in France is about three times higher this year than in 2012. The report, from the health surveillance group Sentinelles, shows that there were more than 13,000 cases of mumps between January and July, compared to 3,730 for the same period in 2012. Although the cases are currently listed as “swelling of the saliva glands” and have not been biologically tested as mumps, the data show signs of an outbreak. Speaking to the Nouvel Observateur, Prof. Jean-Paul Stahl, head of the infectious diseases unit at Grenoble Hospital, said: “The Sentinelles network is a good indicator of trends. Even if the 13,000 cases are not all there, there is obviously a problem with mumps.”

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