Health Care Providers' Perspectives on Low HPV Vaccine Uptake and Adherence in Appalachian Kentucky

Source: Public Health Nursing | Vol:Vol. 30 | Page: 351

By: Head, Katharine J. ; Vanderpool, Robin C. ; Mills, Laurel A.


Women aged 18 to 26 in Appalachian Kentucky have shown extremely low uptake and adherence to the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, even if they may access the vaccine for free. Investigators recently sought healthcare providers’ perspectives on the barriers and aids to HPV vaccination, as well as strategies to improve vaccination rates. The study included interviews with seven nursing professionals and one physician at a health clinic where a previous HPV vaccination intervention took place. The interviews revealed two primary issues: vaccine uptake and vaccine adherence. Healthcare providers cited perceived patient barriers and inadequate HPV vaccine education as barriers to vaccine uptake. They named vaccine schedule and communication deficiencies within clinics as potential barriers to adherence. More targeted education efforts and patient-centered reminder systems could help increase HPV uptake in rural and medically underserved communities, the researchers said.

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