HPV Vaccine--Young Women Motivated More by STD Than Cancer Protection

Source: Medical News Today

By: Nordqvist, Christian


A study published in the journal Health Communication indicates that emphasizing how the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine can prevent sexually transmitted diseases is more likely to prompt females to get vaccinated than scaring them about cancer risk. Researchers from Ohio State University and Texas Tech University studied college-age women and their mothers, giving half a pro-vaccine packet reading “Prevent cervical cancer” and the other half a packet reading “Prevent genital warts.” They found that women in the “prevent genital warts” group were more likely to consult a doctor about vaccination and felt more comfortable discussing the HPV vaccine with their doctor. “They need to feel it is not difficult or embarrassing to discuss the vaccine with their doctor,” says lead author Janice Krieger. “That’s the best way to encourage them to be vaccinated.”

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