Early Estimates of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness--United States, January 2013

Source: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report | Vol:Vol. 62 | Page: 1


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends seasonal influenza vaccination for all persons aged six months and older. The seasonal influenza vaccine can help prevent influenza-associated, medically attended acute respiratory infection (ARI). For the current influenza season, CDC researchers examined early data from 1,155 children and adults with ARI enrolled during Dec. 3, 2012, to Jan. 2, 2013, to estimate the overall effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine for preventing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infection associated with medically attended ARI. The estimated vaccine effectiveness (VE) was 62 percent, which indicates moderate effectiveness. As of Jan. 11, 2013, 24 states and New York City reported high levels of influenza-like illness, and 16 states were reporting moderate levels. Annual flu vaccination efforts are recommended to continue as long as influenza viruses circulate. In addition, antiviral medications are recommended for treating influenza patients, regardless of vaccination status.

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