Childhood Immunization Rates in Rural Intibuca, Honduras

Source: 7thSpace

By: He, Yuan ; Zarychta, Alan ; Ranz, Joseph B.


Researchers recently assessed childhood immunization rates in the Honduras, with a particular focus on rural areas of the country. They looked at Intibuca, Honduras, and compared census data and data from health centers to World Health Organization-reported estimates. Researchers determined that mean immunizations rates for each vaccine were at the high end, 84.4 percent to 98.8 percent, and that rates were higher in the health center data than in the census data. However, most of the vaccination rates in rural Honduras were below the rates reported by World Health Organization. They concluded that other resource-limited countries could learn from Honduras’ efforts to integrate community health workers and a database into its decentralized health system. The findings are reported in BMC Public Health.

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