Whooping Cough Vaccination Offered to Pregnant Women

Source: BBC News


Pregnant women are the target of a new whooping cough vaccination program on the Isle of Man. “We are offering the vaccination to women who are between 28 and 38 weeks of their pregnancy, to give their unborn baby the best protection,” says Dr. Parameswaran Kishore, director of public health for the Isle of Man. Young babies are at the greatest risk of developing serious complications from whooping cough. There have been 11 reported cases of the disease on the island this year, but none involve infants. Nine have died in the United Kingdom from whooping cough in 2012, and the total number of cases so far this year is three times higher than for all of 2011. The cases are the Isle of Man’s first since 2009. “It is vital that babies are protected from the day they are born,” adds Kishore.

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